Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Times

Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary TimesWhile the world suffered through the madness of WWII, what was life like for the women of war?

Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Times reveals personal accounts, many being told to us for the first time, of courage, survival and endurance.

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All The Ship’s Men

All The Ship's Men - Second EditionFive weeks prior to the Normandy Invasion, the Canadian destroyer, HMCS Athabaskan, was sunk by the enemy off the coast of Ile Vierge, France. She had been traveling with her sister Tribal, HMCS Haida. As part of the 10th Flotilla, the two warriors were on a mission to accompany mine-layers, clearing the Channel in preparation for D-Day.

Second Edition available March 31st, 2021.

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Sherry Pringle

All The Ship's Men Book CoverGrowing up in her native Napanee, Ontario, professional artist Sherry Pringle, resides beside the quiet Napanee River where the story of her young uncle, Maurice Waitson, unfolds. As a post-war child she was mesmerized by the photo images and letters home that her family kept in an old album.

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