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This page is dedicated to friends and families who are looking to share or read stories about the Athabaskan. If you would like to submit a story please use the form below. Keep in mind, stories submitted will be visible to all website viewers.


  1. simon muzyka

    Re Haidarescue ops
    When we called off from the rescue operation and Haida got underway,
    the Sickbay, the Captains day cabin and the space between was filled
    with oil soaked men.As I made my way thru one said “Boy am I glad to see you” and I realized he was talking to me, but as his face was so
    compltely oil covered I had no way of recognizing him.At this time a
    couple of hands took charge and started removing oil soaked clothes
    and wrapping blankets.The Action Station Bells were going I said
    “glad you made it” and went to a phone.Did not think too much about
    who it was…One runs into alot of men in the Navy,however some months later,when the Haida came to Halifax for re-fit at the usual
    gathering in the Wet Canteen….those of us who took the machine shop
    course at Galt always got together whenever in port,I was being
    congratulated for having saved Howard.Then I remembered there was a
    Howard in the Galt course,one of the 120 people in the class.He had
    stayed E>R>A while I had changed to EA He got Athabaskan,I ended up
    on Haida

    Considering the conditions during the rescue,the dark,the oil covered
    bodies,it is impossible to say who saved who but that is how stories
    come about irrelevent facts are spliced togather to make agood tale.

  2. Max Gallant

    I liked the story,hope to read more.My Dad was on the Athabaskan and spent the remainder of the war in German prison camp….

    • L. R. Kerry

      Lloyd Edwards was also on the Athabaskan and became a POW too. I would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers him.

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